Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Touch of Girly

I've had nightmares about printed skirts below knee length since my mother bought my first school skirt (which literally came down to my ankles) and claimed that 'I would grow into it...or in any case, it's becoming of a girl to look modest'

Thankfully aforementioned skirt got a good 5 inches of material hacked off or God knows how I would have survived.
It could be a bad case of literally living out the adage that 'Girls will always turn into their mothers' but I'm beginning to see the charm of the slightly longer skirt. There is something decidedly quite feminine and cute about it (or it could just be me having had it up to here with artistes like Lady Gaga running around pantless and adding more fire to the 'leggings as proper pants' trend...I think my eyes seriously need therapy)

I was quite taken with the ensemble of this stylish walker around campus. The way her skirt has quite a bold print that really grabs your attention and how she plays it down by keeping the colours really simple (white and navy...oh how I swoon) Note to self: You never want a scary print in even scarier colours. It's like channelling Donatella Versace in a bad way.

But even better is the detail. I always adore little extra weird details in an item of clothing. The way her simple white shirt has a really subtle print and ABSOLUTELY DIVINE sleeves (it's like a cut-off puff thing...eek...that doesn't even make sense...I should really work on trying to being more eloquent before I type)

And accessories. Ahhh...this is always the part that makes me want to salivate and die of lust (I did nearly swipe some guy's Prada backpack but then the boring sensible law-abiding citizen part of my brain kicked in...that and I realized I have no running ability whatsoever) Oh I'd totally die for her beat up utilitarian satchel. It's like a boxy YSL Besace but even better for its uniqueness factor. Oh major vintage lust...

I also think I need to stop drooling over people's satchels. For one, it probably ruins the leather. Second point, it's not an attractive look.




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