Saturday, April 10, 2010

Private School Boys & Bulldogs

When I was younger, I really wanted to date an aristocratic, posh and preppy boarding school boy from Eton.
He would be suitably debonaire, take me out to afternoon tea, speak with a perfect British accent, have excellent taste in music, art and theatre, and be fluent in multiple European languages.
He would also dress the part. Tailored blazers, V-neck sweaters, perfectly cut button ups and trousers (yes aha! Not jeans...proper pleated trousers) and brogues.

Sadly it never came to pass. Enough said.

However - I still never quite got over my love affair with brogues of all colours and styles. I really want to get an awesomely ugly bulldog who bounds around in a dandy bow tie like the Opening Ceremony dog there. Ideally, I'd call him Winston as well. Or Nigel. Nigel's a pretty good name for a bulldog. And ever so often...I do adore borrowing from the boys, pulling off a shrunken blazer, a slightly quirky shirt (this one's from a niche little Malaysian label called Dude & Duchess), cuffed shorts, a big brown beaten up satchel and walking out the door sipping a beautiful single malt and feeling suitably posh and snooty.




Image of Bulldog courtesy of Opening Ceremony lookbook
Image of brogues courtesy of Madewell lookbook on Refinery 29

Other image - Self explanatory self service

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