Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Jeweller

I seriously doubt people come as ab-fab as this...pretty much ever.
In the temple of kitsch glam that is Shag - I was most delighted to meet Luke who totally blew me away with this ensemble (on the even better flip side - I also found a pair of very 80s vintage Ferragamo flats in my size...which never happens thanks to my ginormous feet...curse that for being THE one abnormal un-Asian gene I have)

I just love so many crazy things about this outfit...I don't know where to start.
But even better was getting to have a chat to the totally fabulous Luke himself (while my camera decided to go spastic on me and not focus...yeah I totally know how to use the thing...clearly) who also happens to be working on a brand-spanking-new jewellery line as we speak (taxidermy inspired and very very exciting). It's times like this that I'm glad I have my enigmatic trippin' partner around because she looks infinitely cool and knows what she's talking about while I sort of gawk like an awe-struck dork (yeah that's pretty much me 99.9% of the time...)

And on a side note: I totally want to steal those combat boots...*nudge nudge hint hint*




PS. I totally felt his fab factor deserved an experimentation in bigger photo sizes! So now I can do bigger photos (Major thank you to blog idol Vanessa for that...if I could write you a sonnet of adoration I totally would...but then you might file a restraining order against me...dum dee dum...)


  1. love your approach on that 'special something' in all the looks you post.
    nice blog anyway

  2. @ Eveline - Aww thank you for visiting and the lovely comment...I tend to get obsessed by those little details. Your blog is absolutely amazing as well