Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back In Black

During my Tuesday afternoon fabulousity date with Daniel at The Bend -
I spied this rather fascinating looking figure...

Fascinating because he was dressed entirely in black but there's that added button detail at the back of the coat which adds that extra something which lifts the piece above being just plain Melbourne black to being somewhat more akin to Japanese art curator black...

In Daniel's words: 'He's like a glorious gothic Stormtrooper...'

I would have gone with Japanese art curator draped in Comme des Garcons or Yohji (who revel in interesting architectural black pieces)...but hey...that would make for a pretty damn fashionable Stormtrooper...

Now I would watch THAT version of Star Wars





  1. 'Fer sure - the current Stormtrooper's wear white plastic ala Lady Gaga!

  2. She of the pantless fame...
    I'm a bit sorry I didn't capture this guy's boots...they were pure rock star awesomeness