Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Prettiness, Picket Fences & Those Boots

Sometime after first week, I decided that I had far better things to do with my time than sit in class and pretend to learn about the law. And so began the great tradition of field tripping (yes the wheels on the bus do go round and round...)
Last week's adventure with my enigmatic friend (because I tend to have a bad history of taking trains in the wrong direction and having near death experiences with trucks) was to the little hamlet of Hawksburn

Wittily described as: 'Where hawks go to burn...' but more akin to 'overly loaded yummy mummy' capital of Melbourne.
I felt like I should be pushing some 'Pimp My Ride' pram just to fit in with the crowd.

But oh my god...prettiness. Picket fences and old little cottages. And the things inside!
I think I seriously did the 'sigh and die' thing a couple of times...

Especially when I saw these babies...

Custom made Willow boots (so I learned upon being told by the very well dressed and snooty shop assistant that I'd have to pay a 50% deposit to try out my size)

So super whorey (like the love child of YSL Tribs and Nicholas Kirkwoods), architectural and minimalistic. It's pure sex (and rock and roll) in a shoe. Say it with me now...SIGH AND DIE...
Alternatively, take them home and live in a bubble of pure happiness and coolness for the rest of your life (or at least the month)...





  1. awesome shop interior and custom-made shoes! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I absolutely died when I saw those boots...they were like everything I wanted in a shoe...

    Anyway I absolutely adore your blog!


  3. You are truly a gifted writer Bec! I am hooked on your blog :))))