Monday, March 22, 2010

Chained & Backless

I realize how S&M the title sounded when I put it there (but really there's no better way of describing things...I for one have always found great amusement in those 'No! She did not say that!' moments of shock and provocation...and am always 100% guilty of saying inappropriate things e.g. 'Wow your shoes are really porny...' makes for fun times)

When I spied this girl outside on the lawns making the most of the sun (as you do in our currently WAY overextended summer...but you've heard me complain about this countless times before so I won't get started) I couldn't help but get totally inspired by her get-up of choice...

On a totally random side note - it was a bit like seeing a punky local version of Alice Dellal or Georgia May Jagger in the tres unattractive uni lawns...but rock scion doppelganger moment aside...

There is just way too much to LOVE about this outfit!
For a start, I seriously love the way she effortlessly rocks the backless leotard (one of those borderline trashy pieces that I've never really understood...I for one could never carry it off without looking like...well let's not go there...but good Lord, I respect those girls who can pull it off with all the panache of a stylish rock groupie) and a divine pair of vintage denim cut offs (I cut's unhealthy)

But what really did it for me was the belt...

The belt! With all its classy chained up goodness, it's like cutting the straps off a Chanel bag and then nonchalantly wrapping them around your waist (God help the woman who cuts the straps off a Chanel bag without wanting to chop her own hands off for committing such a crime...I'm sure there's some sort of divine punishment for that sort of deed from the sartorial gods that be...)

It's that sort of edgy prettiness that really makes an outfit 'pop' for me...




PS. Please don't take my DIY advice and chop the straps off a Chanel I said...lightning will strike you...
PPS. I'm actually really horrible at that's plenty reason for staying away from DIY advice


  1. love this outfit too- the belt does make it though! i think it looks so good because she wears it so effortlessly!

  2. @ lolita - I know! It's funny how much gets carried off because of pure panache ;) Your outfits are divine as well!


  3. I know this girl! We have class together and she's very sweet. She has a very eclectic wardrobe to say the least! Her outfits always seem effortlessly thrown together in a haphazard fashion and yet they work for her. Love her hair, she always has the just got out of bed I don't care look, the colour's natural too :)

  4. @ anon - Hah! You should totally introduce me. I am really jealous of the hair as well...My hair never does that. Le sigh. It's sad when effortless requires actual effort...