Thursday, March 25, 2010

Valley Of The Dolls

I was rifling through a whole bunch of random photos I took over the last few weeks and found these...
They kind of come together to make some weird type of mood board because all of them have this sort of perfectly pretty (but maybe secretly creepy) Valley of the Dolls/Stepford Wife -esque thing about them...

The classically pretty Victorian era mansion that pretty much constitute the house of choice in East Melbourne (which I have since declared the suburb of choice for the preternaturally hip, artistic and beautiful i.e. people like Stefanie)

The Willow dress in the shop front in Hawksburn. Totally made for the Stepford Wife of the noughties...the gold, the sexy 80s bustier shape which reminds us of all things good from that era (think the sexy power dressing of Muglier, Alaia and Grace Jones as opposed to your mum's acid washed jeans which hopefully those damn rave kids have retired from wearing by now...Yes? Yes...) It could totally work with bouffant hair, scary-yet-awesomely-big earrings and heels so high I could swoon...Hostess with the mostest? Trophy wife? It has you covered...Just ;)

And ballet flats! How could we live without ballet flats? They go with everything and make you feel so quintissentially French and Bardot-esque while traipsing the streets of...well...anywhere really. These are the perfect ones by Repetto (so comfortable and properly made like they're supposed to be...the quality is unbelievable...French naturally)...they give me the illusion of being in Paris in the spring whenever I wear them (with their totally non-functional yet pretty colours...yes silver and light brown...><)

A pain an chocolat, some macarons, pastel coloured balloons and a bike with a basket in front...

It's like my own fantasy Miss Dior Cherie ad...

Now if only Sofia Coppola were here...


So pointless and yet we can't live without it (or at least I can't...)





  1. ooohh love that dress!

  2. but i love ballet flats...(and i do have a gold pair that i got in spain a few years ago...i feel completely powerful in them..;))

  3. @ Lolita - Yeah I know...isn't it amazing?! You'd just feel so awesome and powerful walking around in it...

    @ If Jane - I absolutely adore ballet flats...I think they're the only shoes I really ever get around it. And they're so fun and French to wear! Hehe...I have gold flats as well...I got them in some amazing sale with all these weirdly coloured Repettos...

    I know what you mean about the power ;) Or at least feeling like you have magic feet! Or twinkly toes!

  4. Any idea where to get Repetto in Melbourne? I have looked high and low to no avail, mine are due for a replacement!