Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sparkly Emerald Blur

The Mystery that is the emerald blur:

Note to anyone who's planning on going completely trippy on field trippin'...
Going gonzo in your photo-stalking style results in really weird images which I'd like to say are artistically blurred

I spied this particularly mysterious artefact in the proverbial sartorial Aladdin's Cave that is Belinda (oh I could say so much about Belinda world...but that is a story for another time and another post really...)...I never actually really figured out what it was before the really horrible sales assistant started shooting snooty 'Get out of here' glances in my direction...but I couldn't resist taking a snap anyway...

I mean it's so shiny and weird and impractical which totally adds to its crazy appeal...
You all understand...Yes?
Yes you do.

Plus even though I got to see it in its full glory...I never actually figured out what it was for. Evidently my education has done so much for me...

Is it a bracelet?
Is it a bag?

And now the answer...

Yes lo and behold on my stalking of others in the insanely cool world of the blogosphere (of people who actually get to see/do exciting things)...MYSTERY ITEM made an appearance! On Jak and Jil no less (I love you Tommy Ton in case you read this...which you probably won't but anyway...just so it's out there)

It is both. It's a clutch chained to a bangle...and it looks even more amazing when worn. Check it out...

I'm kind of sad that there's no longer any mystery about the item...because it was so much fun wasting countless minutes (which turned into hours) trying to figure it out...but good Lord it is nothing short of AH-MAZING.




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