Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Editor

I felt like I really hit the style stalking jackpot when I spotted Tarang on one of my jaunts...
I thought I was done with my photo taking for the day but I had to do a 'double take, run back and whip out the highly unsubtle shutterbug' routine that afternoon...

He looked like someone I'd feel lucky to spot in New York let alone Melbourne. The outfit is just a prime example of well considered and intellectual style. A sort of understated luxe chic that makes you love it more and more every time you see it. I was totally taken with the way he'd taken the effort to wear the button down shirt, navy jumper and the amazing desert boots. A great modern take on timeless classics.

But the thing that really made Tarang's outfit 'pop' for me (yes for want of a better word because eloquence is so not my middle name... 'Stalker' and 'Ranter' seem more fitting in general) were the slightly off-kilter, edgy pieces he wore. The knitted crochet tie, the bold Tom Ford horn-rimmed glasses and the Thom Brown-esque 'slightly-too-short-to-show-off-my-totally-sexy-ankles' pant length.

I felt even luckier when I got to have coffee with this beacon of dapper style...

The man is an inspirational sartorial example, no doubt. But the thing that really stood out about Tarang was that it was him wearing the clothes (and not the other way around...which sadly happens more often than we would think)

A deeply intellectual, funny and articulate man who makes his clothes work for him.
Pragmatic, functional, elegant and well-made.

It's not often that you meet someone who can engage you with conversation as thought provoking and captivating as their style choices (okay...that's possibly just a personal problem...being far too easily distracted by shoes, bags and the sort) and I feel all the more inspired after having met Tarang.




PS. Check out Tarang's equally amazing blog - The Brown Man (http://thebrownman.net) - It has been duly added to my 'List of All Things Inspirational'


  1. Ankles are hot! Love that bag though, I'd hit that.

    And haha you'd think you'd have had enough of man-conversation in your previous life!

  2. Aaaaah...he looks so good. LOVE his glasses, shoes and bag! just perfect!

  3. @ Vee - I think I'll just talk to you because you're like right next door...

    @ Michelle - So much to love. If only everyone dressed like this

    @ burcu d - I know!!! Isn't he amazing?

  4. I'd feel lucky to spot him in London! Adore his bag, Bec