Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alexander Wang & The Queen

Question of the day:
How do you make a T by Alexander Wang dress (the only Wang piece a girl on a budget can afford) look absolutely nothing like its androgynous, draped-on-a-model-off-duty, slightly grungey and 100 % sexy self?
Having said that...complete side is an absolutely amazing dress (just the right amount of bagginess and the perfect length) and is just one of those pieces that you can throw on without thinking and walk out of your house knowing that you look passably stylish. I like to think it's the Wang effect. Totally.

Do like the Queen and dig out a silk scarf (vintage Dior in this case)
Yes she does often do the Babushka look which I'm not a big fan of (although Audrey Hepburn did wonders for that look and Vogue did tell me to experiment with scarves so I may come round to it eventually)...but scarves are totally my go-to accessory for everything (a tip usefully inherited from my grandmother and my mother...3 generations of can't possibly go wrong) hence earning me the creative nickname of 'Scarf Girl' at work or 'The Air Hostess' ('Please note the emergency exits through the Level 31 windows when you feel like killing yourself while doing spreadsheets...')

In the words of mi madre: 'They pull an outfit together' (She with her raidable boxes of Hermes scarves knows what she is talking about...) although it's a line more usually used in conjunction with her raised eyebrow expression of 'What the hell are you wearing...your non-existent cleavage is showing...'

More importantly...they do give that requisite touch of prim and elegant polish thereby giving you the illusion of being one of the 'ladies who lunch'...

And while Chanel tweeds, cashmere twinsets and pearls may not be the outfit du jour yet... It makes for some unexpected (and just slightly rebellious fun) when you mix the elements of Buckingham Palace, scones and tea with a bit of rock and roll...

Oh yes.

With love and squalor




  1. well done! scarves can do so much.
    and i love alex wang!!

  2. I love how ironical you write! :D

  3. @ If Jane - That you love scarves, Repettos, Jerome Dreyfuss, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno AND Alexander Wang makes me think it's going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship ;)

    @ Georgina - I think I'm more verbal ranter than ironic. But you're far too lovely to me. Always! Your blog is so sublime!

  4. amazing! love the dress

  5. Cute blog bec :) Will add to google reader feed.

    Yah my friend mentioned that she always sees you in scarves and thought this signature look of yours was very very chic. I agree!

    See you around!

    - wingy

  6. @ thestreetfashion5xpro - Thank you so much for the compliment. I feel positively honoured! :)

    @ Lolita - Aww thanks! It is an amazing dress and just goes with everything...It's Wang for the everyday girl's budget.

    @ Wingy - Hahaha yeah...scarf girl. It's a little bit sad. I don't wear them around uni as much anymore though. Catch!

    @ Mandy - Thanks! :)