Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adorn Thy Head

Oh to live in Belinda world! With its amazing but totally unattainably expensive wares...
Not that I surreptitiously stroke bags, shoes and pretty much everything there during my visits (the ones where I don't get kicked out by token scary snooty shop girl). It's essentially another universe. One which most of us mere mortals can only dream of living in (unless you're a Hawksburn resident I suppose)

What is a girl to do?

To blend - purchase something completely pointless and non-functional (and correspondingly ridiculously overpriced) but AB-FAB nonetheless (yes I know it's a naff 90's term...live with it)

Yes! Et voila...the amazing but completely unnecessary 'industrial hippy chic' (in the words of my enigmatic friend) headband!

I am a major fan of all sorts of head adornment. I think it adds that sort of subtle (yet striking) drama and glamour to the every day outfit. On a certain level, it's an incredibly personal thing...it can really bring out a strong character and personality (a prime example here would be the late and seriously great Isabella Blow who never left home without some piece of art on her head)

While I haven't yet dived headfirst into kooky millinery a la Blow yet...
I have been obsessed with the humble headband for some time and how it can completely dramatize what a person wears.
These are by Deepa Gurnani who hand stitches these totally lustworthy babies onto vintage fabric...

Take the plunge.
Adorn thy head.

Viva La Blow in all of us!





  1. Yes, yes! I agree. Hats can make or break you but nonetheless they will always be fabulous. Belinda world? Ought to check this place out...

  2. @ Felix Curds - Oh hello you with your totally awesome taste in movies and all things in general...If you're a Melbourne local - we should totally catch up! :) Once again relating to aforementioned point about being a Melburnian - Belinda is in Hawksburn and also in the GPO in the city. However, I'm pretty sure it's a Sydney institution as well...

    So have a hunt...
    And a good perve...


  3. me encantaaa!son super bonitas!

  4. @ cuatrojos - awww i don't speak spanish! but thank you!! (i ran it through translator...><)