Thursday, March 4, 2010


Call it my fascination with all things to do with the jungle and big cats (and no I don't watch Cougar Town for the record)...but I'm just a little bit obsessed with leopard print at the moment.

Obsessed but terrified at the same time because it brings bad memories of my socialite aunty during her early 90s heyday where she was channelling Dynasty and the heady 80s in all the wrong ways (and someone had forgotten to tell her that the decade had changed) I don't think she's noticed yet...for the record.

Leopard can be stunning but incredibly difficult to pull off without looking like aforementioned aunty and a tacky poster child for the excessive 80s (no not neon...I'm thinking shoulder pads and giant bling). Which is why when I saw Kristen in this outfit I just had to get a photo.

On her (and she is a truly gorgeous girl...all damn olive skin, dramatic hair et al), leopard takes on a more subdued urban hue (due to the muted colours of her Sass & Bide top) but still makes for a great statement piece amidst the simplicity of the rest of her outfit. It's the way to be a big cat in the urban jungle so to speak...

More than anything, I'm now tempted to give in to my wild side...maybe tigers are next? Maybe...





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