Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Belated Farewell Kiss to Summer

‘And she’s eating her fingers…like they’re just another meal
And she waits there in the levee wash…mixing cocktails with a plastic tipped cigar… ‘
- Pavement in Summer Babe

Okay so summer here officially ended like 3 weeks ago but it still feels like it hasn’t gone away. As much as I love the sun and whipping out my beloved cut-offs and afternoons on the grass…I kind of really want winter to come just so I can actually get a chance to don moody black body con and boots without feeling (and looking) like a walking experiment for heat conduction. Word. I feel your pain fellow raven-haired members of the human community.

Point is. It’s time to say goodbye to the sun.

I found these pictures last night on an inspirational site (frequented by none other than Miss Erin ‘I’m too cool and raw for school bitch’ Wasson…it has amazing vintage finds…as expected) and was just amazed by how much I loved them.

I love finding images that inspire me. They reminded me so much of the season past and all that dirty, rollicking (slightly trashy and 100%guilty) fun that comes with it. Field tripping in an old bus that’s way past its mechanical expiry date (they do have those I’m sure), seeing (or shamefully participating in) some major PDA in the park and just living like it’s Woodstock (or Coachella…or more locally and presently…Falls)

As the sun starts to set in the Southern Hemisphere – I’d say do as the prim lace doily says and just ‘Fuck growing up’




All images courtesy of Spanish Moss Blog (


  1. "Fuck growing up" yeah, i feel that. I know what you mean about the sun. Godammnit it's supposed to be autumn! Bring me those crunchy leaves.

    Lovely blog:)

  2. Oh my gosh, .. your blog is great! And so are these pictures. They make me feel like getting out of school and travelling the world with just my backpack and a pocket full of love.

    Love Gina,

  3. mmm, love the sentiment "fuck growing up".

  4. @ Felix Curds - Getting sick of the Australian summer much? I feel your pain. Thank you so much for your thoughts on the blog. Much the same to be said of yours!

    @ Gina - Aww thank you so much! Yeah I absolutely adored these pictures...I used to have a scrapbook full of photos/images I found inspirational. These made me just want to do bohemian rock and roll all over again.

    @ Michelle - Don't we all...

  5. I have just become a "regular reader" :D