Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Vintage Classic

While trippin' on Monday - I spotted this absolutely divinely dressed girl and was almost afraid of going up to her and saying "Um...hey can I take your photo" on account of her being ridiculously gorgeous and effortlessly stylish. However - thanks to Jen's latent motivational guru capabilities a request was made, a few snaps were shot and I feel ten million times more sartorially inspired for it...(who ever knew? I maintain she could totally write a pep-talking book on how to approach the enigmatic and preternaturally cool...although my suspicion is that she is only able to do this because she actually belongs in this sublime category of humanity unlike most of us mere mortals)

The moment I saw this ensemble - I seriously stood there for like 5 minutes pretty much drooling...

The details of the vintage 80s shirt are just out of this world. The touch of broderie anglaise and the beyond pretty buttons add a certain girly charm to the oversized masculine cut of the piece (awesome vest detail included). It has to be one of the most unique pieces I have ever spied. It inspires me to go trawling in op shops again with the sad realization that I will probably most likely not find anything with a quarter of its awesome factor...

And the shoes! Yes...Noted. I have a brogue fetish. But cream and tan! With a slight heel! Slightly nerdy librarian hotness to the max!

I think I'm seriously in love...





  1. Cute waistcoat! And shoes!

  2. hahahaha i've just realised i also have some brogues shoes, i'll maybe wear them tomorrow

  3. @ linda mari - Yeah I know...totally. In love with the entire outfit!

    @ B - Haha I have brogues too...but not quite as cool as these. I'm glad you're inspired ;)

  4. hello !i love the vintage too ! beautiful shoes ! bye bye ! mireille from bruxelles ! ;-)