Friday, March 19, 2010

What The Leprechaun Would Have Worn...

Both these photos were of unexpected sartorial discoveries (it was an unusually well dressed pair of girls making the most of their afternoon) while sitting on the grass on St Patricks trying to avoid a Guinness shower coming from all directions...

I fell in love with the way Girl Number 1 decided to make her footwear slightly more interesting. The socks (both in pattern and height) scarily remind me of things my mother used to buy me when I was 5 (back when it was tres chic to wear socks with ruffles and/or patterns on them) but they just go really well with her truly unique lace-ups which makes for a really refreshing cute take on school girl chic

As for the bag...what can I say? I have somewhat of an eternal love affair with the vintage brown satchel (or a mini-satchel as the case would be here) Every girl I believe secretly lusts for one...and believes that somewhere out there...there is THE ONE (satchel that is) waiting for them in some godforsaken little op-shop in the middle of nowhere. It's a fantasy you've all had before. Don't deny it. Utilitarian, slightly nerdy and totally effortless. It's kind of like the boyfriend you wish you had...

Or maybe a leprechaun at least...





  1. I completely agree with you about always lusting after vintage brown satchels! I have wanted one for so many years and never came across the one that is right for me, maybe one day...

  2. @ Ganymede Girl - I totally know what you mean! But everyone else seems to be able to find one! Maybe we're just not looking in the right places!


  3. Oh, cute details :)

  4. Vintage chic is making a comeback. It seems like old is the new new.

  5. @ linda mari - Thanks! I totally love deconstructing people's outfits. I think the details really pack the punch

    @ Enrique - Sorry I absolutely love your name (it's my obsession with all things Hispanophilic...if that makes me creepy...goddamit...shoot me) anyway I've always loved vintage. It has that strong personality and individual element to it. Word.

  6. OMG! im completely in love with that shoes..!
    And with your blog too..Following you!