Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Billy is totally my lover!

Michael Jackson may not have wanted Billie Jean as his lover...
But then again Billie Jean was probably not a completely lustworthy bag.

The Billy bag is one of Jerome Dreyfuss' classics

For those of you who don't know Jerome Dreyfuss...shame and many fashionistic stones on you...Quick summary: He's a bit of an under the radar legend. French naturally. Married to Isabel Marant...naturally. And he makes sublime bags all named after boys. Obviously he read my mind for the need for a constant arm companion...only in the softest cushiest leather ever...and with mini-flashlights in the pockets so that...you can actually find all the crap you've thrown into your bag and lost...I found a long-lost lipgloss the other day...but that's a story for another time.

Evidently - only stratospherically cool people walk around with Jerome Dreyfuss bags nonchalantly hanging off their arms. Mainly because most people don't actually know them when they see them...

R: 'Oh my god...is that a Jerome Dreyfuss bag?'

J: 'Uhh...yes...'

R: 'Can I cuddle it?'

J: 'I guess...if I can steal your soon-to-be-owned Boyy bag...'

And here it is...one of my most lusted over squeezes...

Michael would totally be singing a different tune...




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