Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Camp

Some places are just meant to make you smile (and quite possibly spend copious amounts of money in a spendthrift haze)

Musa is one of those places.

Gloriously camp. It's like the grown-up, glittery Barbie Fantasy House of every girl's dreams (Seriously, you didn't?). Covetable pink couches. Showgirl lights in the change rooms. Bubble features. And all things shiny and fabulous. A rhinestone studded shoe phone. One of the best rainbow brogues I've ever seen in my life. Kanye sunglasses (now all I need is the mega fur coat). Shameless bling. Super-happy clothes with polka dots. And colour. Lots of colour. Happy Socks. A live runway show playing on the wall. Like a bogan sports bar except ten trillion times better. Faux-grass and oversized fantasy rocking chairs outside. With really lovely friendly people inside. And yummy Pan-Asian nosh to boot. So basically you can get takeaways of both the edible AND non-edible type.

What more could you ask for really?

Maybe Malibu Ken would seal the deal...
But really a girl can't complain...

Especially with good takeaway




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