Monday, July 5, 2010

Off To The Tropics!

Ohhh...blessed Internet...I have spent far too long away from thee!
No seriously, until yesterday I was reduced to the DIAL UP Internet available in my childhood home which basically amounts to no Internet at all (if you've had the misfortune of being reduced to dial up...ever)


My trip so far. Retail therapy-whoring like there's no tomorrow. Being spendthrift with paternal approval. And feeling vaguely normal doing it. Because do as the Romans do yes? And no points for guessing the Asian sport. Balmy tropical weather. Afternoons in the pool. A new haircut. Regular salon visits. A new jewellery obsession. Divalicious boys and girls. Iced tea in a hammock. Actually getting a decent tan. THAT Danish guy in the gym. A ten year reunion round the corner. And ukuleles all round. Okay no I don't have a ukulele handy. But I so would if I could.

You know that...

Keep it cool (but not freezing a la Melbourne)

Love & Coconuts



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