Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mi Casa

As Dorothy said - 'There's no place like home'

And indeed she was right.

Nothing really compares to lazy days in the tropics. Childhood homes filled with memories of idyllic evenings. First kisses. Tragic awkward teenage moments. Spending everyday in the pool with your 'like totally cool' posse. Home made iced lemon tea. Slightly insane relatives. Family ghosts. Eight course banquet dinners. Getting a decent tan. Putting your feet up. The fish fountain. The faux-cave and the rather salacious action within. Mahogany benches and sunsets. Adventures of a rather well-travelled bag. It's a little bit jungle. But tamed of course. Letting the afternoon sun dry up droplets of pool water on your skin. It's a little bit insane. They call it 'going troppo.' But it's a beautiful eccentricity.

And all too perfect for me.

I miss it already.

Love & Sun



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