Thursday, July 29, 2010


'You're such a drama queen'
Yes, well while I would dearly love to think so, a number of failed auditions in high school convinced me otherwise.
I think the person responsible for the above remark may have been simply referring to my unhealthy penchant for exagguration and general extreme (and probably unwanted) dramatic flair in everyday (cue normal people) activities.
It should be noted that above quote is usually accompanied by a sharp hit to the shoulder and a disapproving glare -
'People are now staring at us.'

But there's something distinctly alluring about the theatrical. The whimsical. The out of the ordinary. Something that makes me take a second look at the overly dandy guy who obviously put considerable effort into styling his mustache to an almost comical extent. Or the retro goddess at Seven Seeds who comes dressed head-to-toe in gorgeous vintage dresses from the forties with jet black femme fatale curls and Dita Von Teese-esque red lips. It's a little odd. But it definitely turns heads.

For the rest of us ordinary folks - there's no harm in a dash of sartorial whimsy to make one's life significantly more interesting. Which is why my inner drama queen absolutely died (a fake stage death of course...drawn out for maximum attention-whoring) upon seeing these adorably dramatic babies by wham-bang-ab-fab Finnish designer Minna Parikka (even saying the name makes you feel all fuzzy and cute on the inside)

A tad sensible 40s retro pump (ah yes the sensible court shoe for the serious professional climber in all of us). With a dash of the cartoon universe (hello Mick Jagger on those smacking red lip shoes).

It's theatre at it's very best.

Lots of love. Take a bow for me tonight. Or a curtsey.



PS. Yes - these were kind of vaguely tragically spied in Asia. And in a somewhat sadder turn of events - are (alas...swoon of distress) not stocked in the Antipodes! But be a good theatre buff and perve on the rest of these delectable shoe babies at:
There's even an online shop...
And you say I don't love you...

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