Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Newest Arrival...

And here it is - my new baby.
The newest addition to my 'on-the-verge-of-exploding' wardrobe. I know. The solution is to 'minimize' rather than add in more superfluous but totally ab-fab pieces...but...but...

It can always accommodate another bag. End of story.

Bags hold a special place in my usually small consumer-whorish heart.
I am a proud member of multiple groups which proudly scream 'My bag is worth more than your life'
Because most of the time it is. Well, at least definitely in the case of my ex. Awkward? Okay. Yeah.

Ah, and a Chloe tote makes for the perfect travel-adventure companion in the tropics.
Buttery soft goat-skin leather. That trademark gold hardware we all know and love (who doesn't love a bit of hardware...and not of the nuts-and-bolts sort). Big enough to carry all the essentials of life. And a bit more. Multiple pockets to subtly hide the sins of the past week. And a big strap for that 'I'm trying to desperately emulate Alexa Chung's preppy androgynous schoolboy aesthetic' (It's the satchel factor). So really that makes it more like two bags for the price of one. At least that's how it totally won me over. Swoon.

Elegant. Tasteful. Simple. Pragmatic. And might I say, rather huggable.

And who said you needed actual human arm candy?





  1. To die for! You are sooo lucky... been trying to convince my parents for a mini-Celine for ages but this Chloe one is even nicer! The new Fendis with Lanvinesque gold chain handles are also lovely. Your taste is impeccable!

  2. @ Anon - The mini Celine little 'air-hostess' bags? As my mum calls them. They have some really delicious totes on sale at the moment if that helps. Fendi Peek-a-boos. Now that's a nice little piece of arm candy.

    Aww thank you, you're far too kind! And such a sweetheart! Little gold star for you totally!