Sunday, July 25, 2010


As the ever-chic and sublimely wise Giovanna Battaglia (yes she of the impeccable outfits and 'rumoured to be dating Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld' fame) says - 'The lower I feel, the higher the heel!'

And good Lord, rarely have words rung truer.
There is nothing like a pair of skyscraper heels and abbreviated skirts to make you feel all happy (and like you actually have desirable legs...)

Bad-ass platforms, wedges, chunky, artistic, bizarre...the bigger the better and I love them all (and secretly you do do...especially when they raise you to above average's your inner 'I not-so-secretly fantasize about being a supermodel and not waking up for less than 10000 bucks a day' girl...)

And then there's the stiletto.
Could there be a better symbol for glamour and seedy illicit affairs?
Clearly my mind is far too often in the gutter.

Yes - they do make for some awkward 'teeter-totter' moments (and even worse disasters when caught in drains when drunk)
And point taken - they are rather 'delicate' hence the occasional 'tear-inducing-heart-breaking' heel breakage incident
On the flip - I'm sure they'd be an effective weapon for causing some pain. Have you tried jabbing someone in the foot with a stiletto heel? Highly amusing. But perhaps not on the receiving end.

But nothing beats a pair of black, metallic-heeled (sadly non-vintage but really one can't complain) Ferragamo stilettos. A mini LBD. A lychee martini in hand. And lounging around in a hilariously facetious bar with a pool feature (yes...a pool feature). For making you feel like a whole new woman. Or a faux-fantasy-supermodel at least.

Lots of love & glam



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