Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiger Tiger!

I love bling. Shamelessly. Preferably the bigger, the better.
Call it the pragmatist within me...Finger adornment and self-defence instrument. At the same time.
Nothing short of brilliant.
And especially when it has to do with big cats.
Like tigers. I love tigers. They're like lions but without the 'do and with a way cooler coat.

Which is why I'm particularly obsessed with this baby.
I got this off my favourite jeweller/taxidermist/all round majorly cool person at Shag (Vintage Ferragamo man - if you've been following the epic sartorial soap opera that is my life...and if so...lots of love)
His pack of boulderdusters were packing a particular punch that afternoon.
And in a slight stroke of insanity, I had a feeble - 'Oh my god, can I be as cool as you?' - moment.
And while the rest of the pretty little things on his fingers were sadly not available for my dorky imitation.
Alas, the tiger ring was!

Being ever the uber-sweetheart, he even appealed to my inner Asian tight-ass (which is dying...a slow and painful death thanks to this little piece of work) and emphasized the VALUE of the ring (aha...every accountant's favourite term - bang for your buck - and not necessarily a reference to sex for money)

Because really it's like fricken' massive. And therefore counts more as three rings as opposed to one.
So really - it's like 'Three for One' day.
That's a concept any Asian parent would love.

Spendthrift me? I'm just enjoying once again basking in my title of 'Lord of the Boulderdusters' (yes a challenge was made - and if you'd like to duel with me, you know where to find me) and embracing my total scary obsession with all things shiny and big. I like to think I'm also totally getting in touch with my inner predator.

But maybe that'd be a little creepy.

In any case - it's the law of the jungle this fine afternoon. Revel in it.





  1. Very Duchess of Windsor x Cartier collection... nice!

  2. a career as a hand model awaits

  3. @ Anon 1 - Oh darling! You have such impeccable taste! I'm thinking about getting a mega panther that would be scary Cartier...

    @ Anon 2 - Why thank you. Have any jobs?