Friday, July 9, 2010

The Bad Factor

I totally believe that secretly (or not so secretly) everyone totally wants to be bad.
With a capital B. Like bad-ass. Like that MJ song that is currently stuck in my head.
If only I could moonwalk. But no.
Because it is totally cool just to be that little bit delinquent.
Even if it only happens in my head.

Thank the high stylistic powers that be (I'm convinced The Wintour is totally God of that group) - for those little things that enhance that sense of 'imaginary' bad...
'Imaginary' bad (for those of us who don't speak Bec) = You have some form of very conservative degree nicely tucked under your belt but are totally fooling the world by dressing like you're on the fast lane to dying at the age of 27 of some form of substance abuse and/or choking on a sandwich

Those ripped denim shorts (mine being ripped past the bad level and into unwearable level...I get all misty eyed at the thought), anything involving black leather and...THESE BABIES.

I must admit to having an obsession with these Illex Kinni platforms for some time now. I went so far as to stalk pretty much every Fat store in Melbourne trying to track them down to no avail. And was most downcast and sad when I had to abandon my task. But a late night internet shop-scapade (where one too many Red Bulls makes you remember things somewhat long forgotten) led me to the blessed discovery of their online store!

Et voila...

The 'imaginary' bad factor has automatically been ramped up to a whole new BAD level.
There are so many many many things I love about these boots. Where does one start?

(1) They look like the lovechild of 70s drag queen platforms and a very well heeled dandy man boot. Complete with side-laces and that very debonaire buckle at the back. And I do love cross-breedings that are so wrong, they're right.
(2) They're huge. I mean seriously...they raise me to an un-Asian height. Win. Win. Win.
(3) They are fantastic for stumbling around the city post-midnight on a very alcohol-fuelled bender. And apparently getting home alive.
(4) They just look effin' fantastic.

Sing it with me now...I'm bad...yep...

Keep it bad kids



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