Friday, July 30, 2010

The Eye of Daniel Weiss

This month, my bible of all things avant-garde and oh-so-Parisienne-cool-girl, Jalouse had a Redhead issue.
Um yes, you read that correctly, a celebration of all things and people flame-haired and fabulous.
It almost made me wish I was part of that genetic minority (this, of course, would be a genetic impossibility - the Asian dominant gene clearly has made its mark on me) - at least the cool part of that minority. Which would include people like my brilliantly, gorgeous and ab-fab companion in all things camp and awesome Sas. And the people in that issue. Who aren't quite my friends yet. But they totally are in my head.

And voila - one of these people would be Daniel Weiss.
He who casts a rather bleak, edgy eye over the streets of New Yawk.

There's a touch of noir. A bit of the boy-factor (the best collection of retro cars ever...). And a lot of subversive humour (cue once again - old cars with even more awesome number plates - OLD SCL anyone?). His images aren't of anyone particularly stylish or beautiful. Everyday people. Now there's a concept. But like everyday people in New Yawk of course. Which are kind of just a tad cooler (alternative term - bizarre) than everyday people here.

It almost makes me want to photostalk the homeless people on Swanston St. Or those skater boys who always attempt to kill me every time I want to catch a tram to escape the boredom of class. Or the countless mothers and daughters having retail-induced tiffs on Bourke St (familiar?) Or even just my beyond beautiful posse of amigos. Who really should be a lot more photo-whorey anyway...

Here's to embracing the everyday.




PS. The rest of Daniel's photography is available for the admirin' at:
There's also a blog...but I've kind of forgotten what it's called...
Point is...check it out

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