Monday, July 26, 2010

Catchin' Some Rays

So you can totally blame my beloved future-evil-world-dictator friend for the catchy pun in the title.
Rays of sunshine and you probably get it. And I most likely don't need to spell out the more than evident 'dad joke' element of the line. A weak moment for one whose American Psycho tendencies come with usually rapier-sharp wit. And a penchant for nearly poking out people's eyes with cocktail toothpicks.

This is by far one of my favourite little finds from the tropics.
My stingray bracelet. not of the happy kind of 'we drew a picture of a stingray and put it on a bangle' as part of a paltry attempt to educate little girls on the variety of wildlife on our planet. But rather more of the brutal 'I killed a stingray and...voila...made a pretty piece of wrist adornment out of it' (My personal uber-bitch Anna-Wintour preference)

Before you throw your RSPCA picket sticks at me - I am totally not a fan of animal violence. I love animals. In fact - I totally wanted to become a vet when I was younger then realized I wasn't cut out for the job when my two wrongly named hamsters (I got the genders mixed up) died in my care.

But there's something about leather (and no...not love for the fake things in life) that's just so beautiful (For the record- I totally fell into the same trap with my beloved Yves Saint Laurent deerskin tote). Stingray leather. It's just that extra little bit more esoteric and special. First spied on a Balenciaga 'Lego' belt I could barely afford. Then on a pair of Givenchy heels I still dream about to today. It's a pretty cool feeling having something just a tad 'alien-esque' on your wrist. Especially when they're the limited-by-the-piece, hand-made babies of a Malay ex-supermodel (now happily married to some gorgeous European with two disgustingly cute Eurasian babies...yeah...the type of people who make you want to kill yourself).

It's a little subtle. Loving the Melbourne grey? Just a bit facetiously glam. Definitely odd (I've had questions ranging from 'Is that a mosaic?' to plain 'Um...what the hell?'. And one of my favourite things for the season. Perhaps a little ray of happiness in my rather gloomy-shloomy semester of boredom.

Sing it with me now...'You are my only sunshine...'

Okay maybe not.

Curse you, lame pun friend.

Love & Sunshine




  1. Vladimir Van DoomJuly 27, 2010 at 4:37 AM

    finally a post dedicated to me:P love your work bec:)

  2. @ Vlad - You're such an inspiration...with your faux-hawk and dirty pornographic facial hair...