Friday, July 23, 2010

Hobes Is Where The Heart Is...

First things first -
(a) Yes I am well aware that it actually is 'Home is where the heart is...'
(b) No I am not cliche-retarded. And who wants that hackneyed expression cross-stitched into many a well-abused welcome mat?
(c) While I am very fond of homes and a warm bed in general - my heart tends to float towards a good pair of shoes...

Especially 'running around the city' shoes. And no, not running in a marathon sense (kudos to you kids who did that but Say 'aye' with me if you too have suffered from shoes that have given you the mother of all blisters. Not fun. Or have broken apart on you (yes you stupid grey brogues from Fat...). Or have Asian mothers who attempt to force a pair of unsightly orthopedic 'comfort' shoes upon you ('Just')

As we suffer through tres unromantic, disgusting bleak wintery days - my heart is very much set a-flutter by a good pair of Hobes.

The relatively spankin'-new brainchild of the talented (and might I add - lovely) Georgia (you Age-addicted sartorially talented law students may have already spied them in the paper)- these babies are the all-round 'looking-adorably-chic-while-running-around-on-an-urban-adventure' shoe.

Born out of every girl's quest to find the perfect shoe (now seriously, who hasn't thought that...) and inspired by the classic primary school (and it seems current trad/preppy/Americana dandy man) staple desert boot. Timeless style (so yes, it won't be like those gladiator sandals you're totally regretting buying after seeing some trashy teenager wear them with her lycra piece of material from Supre...) Deliciously comfy (and may I add foldable - I think that totally adds an extra element of thrill for makes me think I have 'jet-setting' shoes...even if I don't really jet-set all that often). Totally hand-made with sublime Italian suede (and canvas) in god-sent neutral colours (there is a fascinating back story involving a traditional Italian shoe-maker)

Impeccable quality and totally high unisex androgynous cute factor - and for the price of 150 bucks a pop (yes I feel your inner tight-ass Asians screaming for joy). There's all too much to love.

And you wondered why my heart now belongs to a pair of Hobes...

Feel the love today. And run with it.




PS. Buy a pair (nay even more) on Georgia's beautiful site -
In different materials and colours! Are you screaming YAY yet?

PPS. But if you believe in being manual and boring like me - they are also available for the tryin' and buyin' at Gorman and Obus stores around Australia

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