Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I love procrastinating. Especially when it involves finding pretty things to look at.

I really like this little piece of musical film. It's not new. But it is pretty gosh-darn amazing. I am rather fond of a good musical. It started with Joseph and culminated in many-a-guilty-snigger at the West Side Story in music classes.

I am also a little in love with Janelle Monae. I like to think I'd totally be like her if I had actual nouveau jazz/ghetto cool factor and was African American. It's a bit Outkast. And totally Yves Saint Laurent (Le Smoking anyone?) And maybe a little bit apocalyptic with its vision of android auctions. But if I had to choose any version of a bleak destructive future to live in - I'd totally dig this one.

And seriously, screw the robot next time I burn up the dance floor.
It's all about the android.




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  1. Am still living on African time

    Just saw new Sylvain Chomet film at MIFF

    Très doux!