Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mania Mania

To answer the questions in your pretty little heads:
Yes - this is THE ring that caused the much-ranted about bling lust
No - Such rants will not cease to plague you. I can't help it. It's like a disease. But more beautiful.

And here's the question for you (because the more questions, the better yes? I mean, life is nothing but a series of questions - or so French existentialism taught me...I was at some stage tempted to buy a Camus-head pendant then realized it may come across as slightly creepy in a nouveau head-hunter type way...and I didn't have the cool chutzpah to successfully carry it off...)
But back to the question for the day:

How could you NOT love it?
1. It has like a beyond cool sort of deep and meaningful name. The 'Afterlife' ring. From none other than Mania Mania's new collection 'Dust' (see kind of obsessive spiel about two posts down...there is nothing worse than 'repeat' ranting...I'll take that back shortly but can watch the dreamy movies and be in a crazy-lust state like yours truly...).

2. It takes the phrase 'wearing a rock on your finger' to a whole new amazing LITERAL level (I think we need to add a dash of the literal into our otherwise metaphor overdosed's so overrated). literally rough hewn chunk of black tourmaline crystal on a piece of almost ancient-cultish brass (I for one think the brass ring would make a pretty awesome nose-ring...for the incredibly daring)

3. It spins. No seriously, it does. Clearly I haven't gotten past the novelty of things that move. Plus it's a much prettier alternative method of fidgeting to the rather banal 'twiddling your thumbs'. Not only is it fun - but you can have different rocky surfaces adorning your finger - so really it counts as being more than one piece of bling...Yes? Yes...

4. It feels like one of those candy rock rings I used to love when I was younger. 'Looks like a huge, knockout jewel but you can actually lick it like a lollipop' (if you missed out on this - you never had a childhood). And there's nothing like a bit of forever-and-ever nostalgia to make new acquisitions just that little bit more special

5. The girl at the store hated me for snapping up the last of these babies. Don't get me wrong, I am all about spreading the love. But there's something about 'bling envy' hate that makes me feel just a bit smug. And awesome.


Bling lust. Easy on the pocket it is not.
But it makes the world a prettier place.

Rock something today.

Kisses and lollipop licks




  1. Love love LOVE the ring. It's so raw and primal, reminds me of ancient pagan jewelry dredged up from the Vikings (especially the band).

    And two more questions, having followed your blog for a bit:

    1. Where did you get your watch? It's made many (perhaps unintentional) appearances on here and it's fantastic!

    2. Favourite Australian designers?

    Keep up the salacious goodness my dear...

  2. @ Anon -
    First things first - Oh! Isn't it just divine! I'm glad you love it as much as I do. It's tres pagan, but kind of in a candy store porn kind of way...

    Second things second - THANK YOU for the blog love. It's always so lovely to hear that people read my incoherent rants of lust and fabulousity.

    And last but not least - to answer your questions:
    1. The watch is my beloved Swatch - I've been through two already. Simple, ability to get banged up and a little masculine...I'm flattered you like!

    2. Favourite Australian designers - Love different people for different things. But I can't go past
    - Lover - for their Parisian ingenue chic with a good dash of tongue in cheek.
    - lifewithbird - for effortless basics (the SS '11 range is just divine)
    - bassike - once again because I am a basics 'ho
    - MANIAMANIA - is the bling amazing or is it amazing?
    - Arnsdorf - relaxed, sublime tailoring
    - Strummer - a Sydney label I've recently discovered that is incredibly groupie-esque and divine. I'm very excited about them...very very excited...
    - Arabella Ramsay - part girlie, part craft, part groupie

    There's more to the list...and I'm sure the love will definitely keep coming but I hope that's a pretty sweet list to keep you lusting

    Keep it sexy love!