Thursday, September 16, 2010


Raise your hands people if you too were suckered (cue word for forced via everything short of physical violence) into doing origami with your mother for its apparent beneficial contributions to your childhood development.

Nod silently (and try not to cry from the painful memories) if you were an epic fail at aforementioned activity.
So while everyone else created something beautiful and a jumping frog (yes - who would have thought paper frogs could be that talented...) and an impeccable crane...or the ultimate...a paper abode...
You simply ended up with a creased piece of square paper (the effect of many frustrated attempts) and a unique creation worthy of the term 'abstract art' by the truly avant garde.

Despite the childhood trauma - my subconscious desire to become adept at the art of origami is apparently alive and well.
It would definitely explain why I went slightly ga-ga (but not like pyrotechnic bra Gaga) for this crane necklace by Claire Taylor (who apparently is actually talented at origami). I was originally attracted to it in Kabbalah thread red then decided that embracing my inner insane Madonna may not be the best option at this stage.

Delicate and very zen. Spiritual. Lovingly handmade (feel the love - each crane is made with paper then cast in metal). A bit wabi-sabi (no not the horseradish that makes for very non-graceful eating experiences) - but rather the very Japanese love of the imperfect.

It almost makes me want to take origami classes again. Almost.

May life's pleasures unfold themselves beautifully for you today.




PS. Assuming they haven't been snapped up by other failed yet secretly OC origami-philes out there (they are out there...I know it) - find your special bird hanging on a mannequin neck at Alice Euphemia. In all happy, hipster colours of the rainbow...

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