Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cut, Paste, Voila

Qualification: Not the song...or the author...or the movie...but it is...kind of a movie...

It has now become apparent to me that lookbooks in film are a very bad distraction.
And it's clearly worse when you get update e-mails about them flooding your ahem...'work' e-mail.
Yeah I have a job. Like didn't you know that?

But point of difference - this isn't so much a lookbook-film as it is a proper film-film.
It's the new piece of brilliance from director Barnaby Roper. Lucky chap who works with models and edgy pretty things in the world of P-O-P (not the N*Sync single...for those of us old enough to remember it with some any case - speaking of boybands - someone in LFO died and I'm actually feeling a little sad...that song did get me a little obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch for a whole summer...)

Back to the NOW though - this has to be a really FUN way to watch the FW '10 collections in style.
All cut-up and twisty. It reminds me of craft lessons in kindergarten (oh look what I made...I still do that nowadays...but to much less excitement from less than amused parents...'So that's what you're doing with your law degree?'). But hi-tech. And set to a track best suited for some disco dancing androids...although in my personal opinion...Iris Strubegger is pretty damn close...

Now there's a thought...

Do the robot!




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