Thursday, September 2, 2010

Act Da Fool

I love film. And I love pretty wearable things. And I especially love when the two come together. Beautifully.

Coming from the girl who has watched 'The September Issue' about a million times (Do you also refer to everyday situations/people in terms of Anna or Grace...let's be friends) . And pretty much every single Chanel film ever made (I clearly could not get enough of the mythical Madame, her frocks and incessant very French bonking). Not to mention the Valentino documentary (I too would love an army of pugs and a perma-orange tan). And everyone's favourite retro party of camp - Blow Up (but with Birkin and some scandalous 60s era nudity - it's a real classic).

Now that we have that out of the way. I love lookbooks too. In case you haven't already noticed (in which case - you don't love me as much as you should and/or don't sit next to or behind me in class - best procrastination fodder. Bar none.)

So that whole pointless rant was really to kind of explain why I am going just vaguely bananas for this amazing piece of Harmony Korine film goodness. Ah yes, it's a Proenza Schouler lookbook (only one label could make me want to return to being back in private school in reincarnated grungy muse form). But set to a sparse, spoken word narrative, quasi-dreamlike ghetto playground. It's a little miserable. Majorly urban poetic. But kind of whimsically happy at the same time. Full of retro-faded, tres dreamy sunlight. Pretty clothes and a she-gang of tough looking teenage gals. It's kind of ugly and weird and majorly grunge. But captivatingly beautiful.

In other words - it's sort of brilliant.

Plus - it's all my loves rolled into one.

How could I resist...

Lovin' you fools



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  1. proenza schouler is an amazing creative force.

    this short film brought me right back to my hometown in queens new york.


    maxwell conrad