Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Kick Some Dust

Confession: I actually started writing this when I was in - what I now fondly refer to as - 'The throes of spendthrifty bling lust'. An agonizing decision about whether or not to get a certain kind of amazing knuckleduster (yes, the family continues to grow...although I think I may have beaten Brangelina at this point...) End of the story is - I succumbed to it's shiny, bold, 'will possibly knock some teeth out' siren's call. And you will be inundated with much blog love about aforementioned piece of finger adornment. At some point. That is, very shortly.

New beloved piece of ornamentation is the lovechild of the only vaguely crazy-obsessionworthy jewellery label MANIAMANIA. Which has been in the 'aspirational bling list' for some time ever since Garance gushed about her shameless love for it. It doesn't hurt that one half of the duo behind the whole sh-bang is part of my bible to the Antipodes - RUSSH (was so over Vogue Australia a while ago...but still subscribe anyway...just...because...)

Natural crystals. In raw, chunky, apparently 'positive energy radiating' splendour. Inspired by the best of 70s rock and cult film. Holy Mountain. Bowie. And 'Rebel, Rebel' no less. Shamans. And ancient civilizations. It's a little manic. In the best way possible.
And a film campaign to boot. It's the best way to perve. Because really you're just 'appreciating a short film'. Connoisseur much? Or jewellery voyeur?

Either way - and in a haze of bling-crush mania - I couldn't help but waste 'study-time' by watching these babies in rather beautiful procrastinatory bliss. Might I add, it comes in Part I and II. Because all good things need sequels yes? Or many. And unlike most hit films - this one is actually worth watching.

Revel in its occult, glam-rock yet painfully hip aesthetic.
Because you're a voodoo child...
And lost in a Purple Haze...

But that's the way to go when you're a rebel and you've torn your dress...

Allez mes petits...

Kiss the sky!



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