Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Beautiful Brunette

Ah brunettes. There's something about them. Something which made me tear out that 'Brunettes Special' in Russh filled with muse-tastic goodness in the form of Isabelle Adjani, the Birkin scion, Emmanuelle get the picture. Something which makes me fantasize that my imaginary dreamboat will have dark brown hair and a very nice accent. Something which makes me think - mystery and art. And chocolate. Definitely chocolate.


It's a bit of an unhealthy obsession. Like most things. Which spilled onto my taste in bags. Lord knows how much I love a good beaten up brown bag (I kind of love brown paper bags as for the fact that they do tend to lose out on the durability factor) I rediscovered this baby while rummaging in the ever-expanding 'drobe for a birthday outfit (you really do need to dress up for those special days). And it was a nice find indeed.

Deliciously abused (apparently lugging around your life in things and throwing your bags on grass and every surface known to man has its effects) so it looks like it has a bit of a story (or many...and trust me it does). With that beautiful butter-soft leather. Perfect for cuddling and the sniffing (oh you SO do smell leather goods - you're just lying...through your teeth).

It does make me feel just a little bit Gossip Girl (if only my school bags were that yummy)...

Now all that is required is aforementioned brunette dreamboat accent...

Perfect birthday present no?




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