Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Les Chats

I love cats.
The way they purr and act all adorable when they want something. Then skulk off into the darkness all of five seconds later. Disappearing until you hear an epic tiff with another member of the feline species over a prime spot on the covetable roof. Before returning for food and a bit of human affection. One could also interpret this as being very Gallic.

And everything associated with those creatures. Feline-eyed sunglasses. The term 'catfight'. Being catty.
Sex kittens...but maybe not the hairballs. I mean, if they're good enough to be a Grace Coddington obsession, they're plenty good for me.

And I love them more when they're decked out in delicious outfits fresh off the runway.
Like these cat girls. The stars of the new issue of Chelsea (ah yeah, so hip it hurts - find it in New York...typical)
Kitty heads on the sensually voluptuous bodies of retro pin up girls. In Miu Miu, Louise Goldin, Stella and more. Messy cursive in bad grammar (a pedant's nightmare surely...) Delicate, sweet and oh-so-wrong.

It's a bit creepy and dreamy-feminine at the same time. All in a kind of beyond awesome way.

Magnifique. Nothing less.


Love & Purrs



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  1. Actually adore this. When will we see them in some Chanel tweeds, or perhaps a JPG cone bra? Love it love it love it.