Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breakfast At Tiffany's

Ah, birthday bling.

Now that the crazy phase of overindulgent festivities has quasi-tragically grinded to a halt (that was like a really unsubtle hint that - yes you can, nay you should, offer to keep the flame burning and the celebrations coming hard and fast like...anyway...analogy ends there...) - It's time to take a moment to proverbially smell the roses and reflect on the rather fabulous loot...

While the actual birthday bling lust list remains sadly tres unconquered...something about asking for a pair of $800 bunny ears courtesy of Maison Michel just did not fly overly well (The exact typical Asian parent response being - 'Why would you pay that money to look like a...paid woman') A Chanel-esque head adorned paid woman. But apparently a paid woman nonetheless...

Gripes about amazing lace bunny ears aside - I can't really complain about getting anything from Tiffany's. Ah, that failsafe stalwart of perfectly pretty jewellery! The duck-egg blue boxes. The white ribbons. Getting lost in a slightly Hepburn-esque fantasy (now all I need is that Givenchy dress...) A gold affair for coming of age. Delicate, simple but gloriously luxe. Rose, white and yellow. Like a mini-version of the Cartier 'Holy' Trinity.

It's suitably Park Avenue Princess.

And that's the pinnacle of the ultra-girly dream, non?

Kiss someone and heart your 'i's this fine morning.



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