Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Bling List Part I

Birthdays were made for indulgence.
Decadent amounts of cake that would make Marie Antoinette proud (overly well taken care of by Asian mothers...who certainly take the phrase 'Let them eat cake' to a whole new hyper-bad-for-your-diet level)
An over-expensive drop of booze.
Breaking the rules (yes I will dance to jazz in my room in nought but black lingerie and a trench)

And presents. Ah, presents.

I'm cleaning up quite nicely so far. Parents clearly believed this was the year for a Chanel starter kit (the bag, the jacket...oh so much to kind of reminds me of the excitement surrounding the Easybake oven of childhood days almost forgotten but ten billion stylistic times better...)

But alas - the list of wants never quite are some beautiful, pointlessly decadent shiny things that still remain sadly unchecked off the list:

1. Pamela Love talon cuff

Ah, the talon cuff. The one piece of jewellery that has obsessed my magpie-esque mind for most of this year. I often dream of it adorning my itchy wrist. Possibly too often. It's almost become like a phantom limb. Neo-goth but oh-so-cool. In an edgy Roitfeld Junior way. It would elevate my faux-cool cred to almost god-like levels. Then all I would require (post acquisition of talon cuff that is...) would be an endless supply of Balenciaga, Givenchy and Alexander Wang...a industrial warehouse in the Big Apple...and an assortment of fashion royalty as new BFFs...

I mean, getting the cuff is the hard part yes?

2. Maison Michel headpieces

I tracked down that hidden oasis of all things eclectic, cluttered and ornamental, Christine. For the sole reason that they had the new collection of Maison Michel headpieces. There are so many things which scream instant death trap for my hip pocket here. Head adornment. Lovingly made by the Laetitia Crahay (ah yes, she who designs accessories for none other than Chanel). Perfect chapeaux in every size and shape. And the headbands. My now nearly dead inner accountant nearly baulked at the $600 for a piece of ornamental headwear...but seriously...

3. Repossi ring

No wish list would be complete without the ultimate luxe addition to my rainbow family of knuckledusters.
And this would be like the Rolls Royce of the collection.
Black gold.
Bold and big to the point of non-functionality.
It was love at first sight.
It doesn't hurt that it also comes with not-so-optional fantasy of living like modern Monaco royalty and/or the chic sister of a certain Greek shipping heir who may or may not have famously dated Paris Hilton. I'll let your pop-culture trivia addled brain work that one out...




PS. This isn't quite over...and I am kind of...and I mean only kind of...willing to wait until Christmas...Maybe...

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