Monday, September 13, 2010


I love Lou.

Probably just a little too much.
Her divine cross-channel insouciance has inspired many a sartorial adventure (and one ill-fated misadventure...only Lou could convince me that high-waisted hot pants were kind of amazing as opposed to an item best relegated to blocked out memories of 70s porn stars...but like most things - my take ended up being more tragically the latter than the former)

But Lou just makes everything cool. And is the face of everything cool.
From Maison Michel headpieces to posing in the buff draped in Ere by Repossi bling.

And Anthony Vaccarello's FW 10-11 lookbook.
One has to ask why she's friends with all the uber-cool people who grace Planet Earth.
It's the stuff my noir fantasies are made of.
Monochromatic. Sheer. Body-con. Art-deco goodness.
Old school elegance sexed up for the new age.
Sharply tailored. A geometrically perfect (kind of see through) bra top. Amazing neck adornment.

All while taking a drag.
Rebellious. And structured.
Carefree. Yet meticulously executed.
Daring. But delicate.

It's all very femme francaise, n'est ce pas?

And off she goes again...into the night...




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