Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Fashionable Egg

NYFW has finally kicked off.
After a delicious weekend of luxe (more stories about that later) - there's nothing like coming home to a cup of sencha, Internet reception, opening up the laptop and living life vicariously through the epic
(Mmhmm...also noting the very anti-climactic finish...)

The bold and the beautiful are out and about. Anna does her signature 'sunglasses and glare' routine from the front row. New looks to lust over. Old favourites to swoon about. It's the stuff excitement and fantasies are made of.

I found this cute little clip a few days ago. But didn't have time to post it up and share the love before jetting off for my surprise weekend of indulgence. How could you not love? Seriously. It's that adorable, cynical, miserable little one eyed egg Darcel. In all his animated fashion week glory. Only with my favourite staples of every season. The unblinking, unflinching Anna. My model for forever - Freja. Alexander Wang - Token sino-pride at he who made dressing like a model off duty do-able for all us plain folk. Andre Leon Talley - Seriously. Almost the next best thing to Anna. 'Famine of beauty' anyone?

And with a slightly cheeky/cheesy reference to the Brady Bunch (but infinitely cooler...duh)

Could there be a more cutesy-pie way to usher in the glamour and drama and 'drooling on my laptop' haze of the SS 2011?

I think not.

Here's to a decadent week...

Bisous my kittens



PS. If you're ever in a miserable mood - Darcel and his other misadventures can be found at -

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