Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pretty She Howls!

Sad truth of the day: Seeing indescribably beautiful yet enigmatic things make you come up with cryptic, weird titles which don't really make any sense but sound kind of you have some artistic credibility (when you clearly do not)

Case in point: This visual/aural piece of art by the lovely Phildel

If I could direct a home-made video of my life, I hope it looks/sounds as good as this. It's a little Blair Witch. A little French New Wave. Alphaville meets Marienbad. A dash retro Velvet Underground. A touch scratchy vinyl. Sofia Coppola if she was directing a movie on angsty, alterna-chick who gets around wearing copious amounts of black eyeliner and perhaps not much else. Perfect for running around in a Lover tunic and gumboots in a deserted forest. A bit Kerouac and heavy metal.

Or if all else fails (i.e. no home-made filming is done) - it's also perfect for sitting at home, thinking about imminent legal failure tomorrow morning...drinking a cup of green tea. And not much else




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