Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camp Americana

You could love this or hate it.

Me? I love because secretly I too am obsessed with the mess that's America.
And the sheer camp factor of this video is making me want to hold that West Wing themed party I've been meaning to have for some time. Hot dogs from a stand. Hold the mustard. Cheerleaders (yeah I totally always wanted to be one). 'So you live in Ass-tralia?' (Oh I wish everyone had butts worthy of it being called something like that). Prom queens. I've always wanted to go to a prom as opposed to the rather lamely named Formal. New England crab cakes? Idaho potatoes? The stars and stripes hanging everywhere in my house? I should really invest in a tiara so I can come as the Statue of Liberty or something. Or just drape myself in a flag and do like Marina does and blame Hollywood and Disney for giving me unrealistic expectations about life.

Oh in the home of the brave...and the land of the free...




PS. If you want me to host a West Wing themed party - do let me is in the making


  1. @ SB - Yes well we'd all love to marry her too. Especially those of us with incurable Americanophilic tendencies...

  2. Oh my effing god, YES to west wing party! BIG. YES.

  3. @ Sas - LOVE YOU LONG TIME!
    And amazing is the camp Americana party in that video? I think we should have one exactly like it