Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In The Mood For...The X-Rated

Passing out your lighter
Sneakin' through the doorway
Fakin' like you just stayed home
That's how it really goes
You know it does
- The Virgins

There's no real point to this post aside from the fact that I have had it up to here with pretending I have the slightest intention/aptitude to read things pertaining to the world of law.

And I'd like some bad-factor right now. Yes that's right. Bad factor. The type that's all leather. Short shorts. Bare legs. Lots of leg. Illicit trysts in hotel rooms and bathrooms. Voyeuristic videos. Salacious photography. And countless counts of substance abuse. Mussed up hair. Kohl eyeliner like Twiggy on crack. Countless black bras. Preferably sheer. Private affairs. Ripped stockings. Artistes and groupies. Being a groupie. Menage a trois. Destroying property.

Not knowing what hit you the next morning.

Short black.

End of story.



Images - Guy Bourdin; Erin Kleinberg AW 09/10; Jalouse