Thursday, June 3, 2010

Retro Glamour In Red

Beautiful people watching over coffee. Is there anything better? Okay possibly being one of those aforementioned effortlessly beautiful people would be better...but for those of us mere mortals who don't have a choice.

Then people watching just becomes awkward when you just kind of drool for a good twenty minutes over the subject of your observation. And aforementioned awkward staring is duly noted by 'just-as-beautiful-but-unwilling-to-be-photographed' companion of observation subject. The adorable (and super lovely to boot) Madeline is one of those crushworthy girls!

I just love seeing people who look just that little bit out of the ordinary. I just couldn't get enough of her amazing vintage dress with that impeccable 40s glam factor, cut and details...and in the most incredible shade of dark red. My coffee partner and I could not stop dress perving from afar. Coupled with fishnets, red lipstick and that beyond cute bob, she really looked like she'd just stepped out of a bygone era of beautiful dresses, feminine mystique and a whole lot of classiness.

Bring that glam factor back and work that feminine mystique, girls!





  1. I so agree with bringing back feminine mystique. I so adore the details of your pretty red dress. It makes your entire face light up with colour, and it's a great contrast with your hair colour. Have a nice weekend;-)

  2. Thank you! Pity it's not actually mine but I'm sure the girl who wore it would LOVE LOVE LOVE your compliments!
    Your blog is suitably beautiful as well
    I am a fan