Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blingtastic L-O-V-E

Many moons ago - in one of their many bids to set me on a path towards literacy (tried and failed...because most days my textbook-addled mind is unable to process anything other than pretty pictures) parents bought me a set of rainbow alphabet magnets. All blocky capital letters in bright colours to form my favourite words.

And dear Lord, did I love those letters. Until of course, I apparently outgrew them. And then they were packed away. Never to be seen again. One of those tragedies that makes me go all misty and kind of sad on the inside. Especially because I had the great self-centred addiction of spelling my own name on the fridge. Countless times. Apparently cute when you're below five. Not so cute when you're above twenty. Something about age appropriateness?
Qualifying note: Friend of mine actually has a set of these - and you can now use a very grown-up sense to write inappropriate messages on your fridge like...'X is a sexy f*cker'. Mature. Infinitely.

But praise the awesome powers above that be!
For I have re-found my block-tastic letters. But this time in solid gangster gold. So you know we're talking serious spelling bee goodness.

These babies are by Dallas & Carlos (no...sadly not two supremely hot South Americans I picked up in some sleazy bar who ideally would teach me to dance the flamenco on the beach while strumming their acoustic guitars...okay...too much information? Probably) but the beyond bling-tastic, amazing, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, bodaciously hot (was that possibly an overdose of adjectives...but no) lovechild of the lovely Jess & Katherine.

To which I should add - these beautiful lasses are suitably inspired by the awesome/slightly borderline trash-tastic goodness that is the South American continent.

Yes. Clearly Rebecca has not overgrown her obsession with spelling out her name for others to see countless times. Custom made goodness. But when it looks this hawt...why wouldn't you?




You can find the full range of Dallas & Carlos goodness at their website:
Might I add - you should totally grab their bad-ass Catholic cord and gold crosses. I mean...if you're going to ward off vampires, you might as well do it in neon Hispanic style...but that's just me


  1. hehe...loved the write up soo much couldnt stop reading..and ofcourse, the letter accessories r insane!!
    thanks for sharing

    follow if u like what u see?


  2. @ Prutha - Aww thanks! That's so sweet! Love reading things like that! Makes my day! AND YES!!! HOW FAB ARE THE LETTERS!

  3. gorgeous. Love love love!