Thursday, June 24, 2010

If Billy & Ziggy Had A Lovechild...

On that kind of alterna-cool note.
Because that's the only type of vibe to rock these days.

Seriously. Or maybe I'm writing this on a bit of a bender from last night. Either way.

To finish that sentence...this video is TOTALLY a new obsession.

For a start, I'm a little scarily in love/intrigued/possibly borderline scared at the beautiful boy behind Diamond Rings. Rainbow eyeshadow. Patterned leggings. Chambray and gangster gold bling to outmatch me and my Asian grandmother combined. Like the lovechild of Billy Corgan (in his '96 Mellon Collie glory) and Ziggy Stardust(self explanatory unless you live under a rock and don't know who David Bowie is). It's a bit naff early 90s hip-hop. So that's real dope kids. Syncopation! And a dash grunge-misfit scene. It's all about hanging with the freaks and ghouls. It's making me embrace my inner awkward child. Grow up? Never. I just want to wait and see.

Oh yeah...I should also stop watching videos like this like a YouTube whore on crack.
Because new idea of the week: Totally dope house party with boomboxes and actual cassettes?


Don't forget your rainbow eyeliner.




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