Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Noir et Cuir

I really don't think there's alot for me to say at this point.
Except...I wish I had the actual panache, enigma and alterna-cool factor of the girl in this picture.

It's that frightening uber-cool vibe that we all know and love from those teen misfit movies of quality (cue early 90s)
Think Natalie Portman in Leon. Or Winona (yeah in them wild double denim, tattoo filled, hotel room trashing Johnny Depp days) in Reality Bites.

Screw the fluff of today!

But back on that X-factor:

Then and only then could I probably embrace my dark side with lashings of fur, signet rings, maxi leather skirts and scary/awesome boots (I like to think my new platform booties...which will be getting much love from and outside the camera...are kind of scary awesome in a kind of weird zombie love child of a trashtastic Lady Gaga-esque whore and a dandy Englishman...but story for another time)

I probably still wouldn't look half as amazing.

But they say they have cookies on the dark side...






  1. Natalie Portman in Leon has always been the epitome of cool for me, I have cut my hair on numerous occasions inspired by her in that movie! I love the 90's look of this outfit, she kind of gives me a witchy vibe like the girls in "The Craft", she would fit right in!

  2. @ Lorena - Ahhh god knows how much I LOVE that you LOVE Leon! And yeah this girl was absolutely amazing. Even if she did totally scare me a little bit.

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