Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wrist Adornment

Everyone loves a bit of arm candy.
No admit it...you do.
Whether it be in human, bag or bling form. Nobody likes a boring arm. Seriously.
Unless you're awesome tattoo lady. In which case...you're in a whole different category of cool.

Especially when it's all classic and retardedly easy to put on (for those of us who struggle like spastic kids with the lobster clasp...yes et voila...yet another skill Rebecca is hopelessly inept at..fastening bracelets with her left hand...harder than it looks amigos)

These leather and 24 K gold plated Vita bracelets were basically my lifesavers at work. Clasp-&-Go. They were the order of the day. Like Up-&-Go except far far prettier. And dear Lord does it improve the view when you're staring at a ridiculously colour coded spreadsheet that you've made because you have far too much spare time on your hands (but I am far too cool for that...so...yeah that never happens to me...never)

Go the orange when I'm feeling like it's a Gucci day (i.e. yes when my mother's Asian housewife serious loud blingage vibes infect my brain) and the white where it's a default Park Avenue Princess Day ( you see the elitist Americana obsession coming through?)

So screw the Up & Go and Clasp & Go instead!




PS. Somewhat useless but kind of cool trivial fact if you're a label whore - Vita does all the jewellery craft-work for labels such as Fendi and Gucci. But yeah...fraction of the price. Stalk time.

PPS. YES - they appear on Miijo.com (shame shame...I know the ultimate source for Hollywood starlet goodness) but for God's sake those women don't know the meaning of overkill. Personal opinion: these babies are not made for the stacking. But that could just be me and the fact that I hate Vanessa Hudgens almost as much as I despise Miley Cyrus.


  1. I admit I do love arm candy... and these are great!

  2. @ alix - YES! Arm candy! The more the better! And I'm glad you like...I'm getting more...yeah it's an obsession. So more excitement should be coming this way :)