Friday, February 26, 2010


For some girls, you remember them from the minute they first walk into your life...

I remember when I first met Saskia - she had on these amazing vintage brogues that I just had to steal. Thus was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one that has never ceased to inspire me on twice-weekly basis (such was the nature of Constitutional Law classes spent flipping through oh-so-French artistically pornographic fashion magazines)

Sas is one of those epically cool people that actually manages to find her outfits through major scouring of suburban vintage shops. I, for one, have never managed to find anything except gold belly dancing outfits in a suspiciously dodgy looking tinsel material and/or grandma pantsuits that should best be left in the 80s where they belonged. Her personal style never ceases to leave me drooling and gasping for more...ranging from being effortlessly able to rock a tiny kid's multicoloured parka to cute preppy little blazers to the gloriously adorable nouveau-punk outfit in the photos above (that I was creepily trying to photo stalk in minute detail)

More than anything, I love her laugh and our conversations about all things fabulous and kinderwhorey.
And personality at the end of the day, makes the girl and all the lovely things she wears something truly worthy of inspiration.

And, god, where do I start with this outfit?! Well-worn belt, Doc Martens with a quirky little twist, all tied together with a statement piece...

Girl, you got it goin' on...




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