Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye Alexander McQueen

I was going to write a post about another indie bag label I had completely fallen in love with (makes me almost want to put the kind-of-newly-purchased-Longchamp bag in the pile of retired bags)

But then read on the internet grapevine that Alexander McQueen was found dead at the age of 40 sometime yesterday or today (I guess depending on which hemisphere you're on)

It kind of hit me in the stomach. The same way it happened when Yves Saint Laurent passed away last year. It's all a little bit surreal because McQueen was one of those designers that just took my breath away sometimes. I think he was one of the few remaining couturiers...the type who knew how to cut a brilliant ballgown (with just a hint of British cheek), and the perfect jacket with which to go on imaginary hunting trips (yes with my imaginary aristocratic boyfriend).

Watching his shows (yes vicariously through how did I live before that site...) was almost a fairy-tale like experience (if you dream of bags instead of magic pumpkins and shoes instead of fairy godmothers)

But he put a little bit of magic into fashion...It was so out there and yet so rock and roll. I remember falling in love with his campaigns for his offshoot label McQ. The gritty punk kids off the street, all leather, smudged kohl eyeliner and the spirit of sweet rebellion...and even the ones with the colour coordinated cheerleaders. He captured the youth and all-embracing nature of having your own individual style.

In my little homage to McQueen - I've just put up some of my favourite moments and outfits that I think embody what the man meant to me. I never knew him but he embodied everything that I love about fashion and everything that inspires me. That you are able to dream and make-believe, and project those visions and the beauty of those images into what you wear every day.

Thank you Alexander McQueen and the sartorial world has lost yet another of its greatest stars prematurely.

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