Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy Days & Cut-Offs

So a question I would love to pose to the 'Big Man Up In The Sky' today is...
What is with the weather?
A serious tropical storm in the middle of summer? Hello. Just. So. Not. Cool. (And yeah said EXACTLY like that)

Because it started off like actually tropical (I mean sun and know like how summer days are meant to go)...I thought it would be a good day to rock the cut-offs (in my try-hard-but-failing-miserably-to-emulate-the-Girls-of-Glastonbury attempt to do effortless rolled-out-of-bed chic) I know my adjectives go on forever and ever. Get used to it. I fail to see how one word i.e. 'awesome' or 'fantastic' actually adequately describes anything. So shoot me.

On a day like today, you just want to go back to those staples in your wardrobe.
Those truly loved items that feel as good as they look.
That would be a pointed comment on those spray-on jeans I bought during my aptly called "skinny phase"...which just make me feel bad now for that love affair with Fromage D'Affinois (so fatty...but so good...and so totally worth it for the gorgeous French guy selling it...)

The conversation which plays out in my head goes something like this:

Vous etes ici pour le fromage?
Eh...beh...non je suis ici pour toi

Heinously far from reality though. Le sigh. a bit of a sad little nod to the weather...I pulled on a little cropped cream leather jacket (kind of like a baby trench but not...)

It's the kind of Gallic chic I wish I was born with.
Plus I'd eat all the double cream brie I want...and not get fat...

Shorts - Current/Elliott
T-shirt - ZoeTees
Jacket - Arabella Ramsay
Necklace- Bettina Liano




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